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Custom Cleaning Plans: How to Get What You Need From Janitors

Custom Cleaning Plans: How to Get What You Need From Janitors 

When you hire office janitorial services, it’s essential to have a customized cleaning plan that meets your specific business needs. A one-size-fits-all cleaning routine will not deliver the results you want.

Start by communicating your priorities and expectations to the cleaning company. Explain which areas and tasks should receive the most focus. For example, you may want extra attention given to high-traffic areas like lobbies, break rooms and restrooms. Let them know if there are any problem spots or recurring issues you’re looking to resolve.

Request a plan tailored to your office’s unique layout, setup and policies. Have the cleaners walk through the facility with you to become familiar with the space and assess tasks specific to your needs. Make sure they clearly understand your company’s branding and image standards. This input will help the cleaners create a customized scope of work for your office.

When evaluating the plan, pay close attention to details like:

• Cleaning frequencies for different areas and surfaces
• Special processes and techniques to be used
• Deep cleaning services and schedules
• Eco-friendly or specialized products requested
• Staffing levels to adequately cover your facility
• Safety protocols and required certifications
• Any additional tasks to maintain specific to your office

Insist on a transparent list of all services and expectations in the contract. Request a schedule for when different areas will be cleaned and how often. This written plan serves as a standard against which you can measure the cleaners’ performance.

Provide samples of preferred product brands and equipment to ensure consistency. For example, if you want janitorial staff to use microfiber cloths, provide those for them. Consistency in tools and materials will yield the most reliable results.

Be firm but fair if cleaners fail to meet parts of the plan. Discuss ways to improve or modify the cleaning routine to achieve your desired outcomes. Give feedback after each cleaning and follow up regularly to ensure adherence to your plan over time. Don’t hesitate to renegotiate services or switch providers if necessary.

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In conclusion, taking time up front to define exactly what you need from your office cleaners and how you want it done will lead to a more satisfactory long-term relationship. A clear, customized cleaning plan based on your business’s unique requirements helps ensure professional janitors deliver results that meet and exceed your standards for a clean, healthy office environment. The key is open, ongoing communication with your janitorial service to refine the plan over time and continuously improve the outcome.

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