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5 Benefits Of Monitoring Your Business With CCTV
video surveillance system

5 Benefits Of Monitoring Your Business With CCTV 

Monitoring what is happening in a business not only helps prevent thieves from thinking long and hard before attacking a company. It also brings significant benefits in other areas. It helps increase your output while minimizing security threats.


However, the video surveillance cameras used to carry out the idea sometimes need to capture clear-cut images that can be used for further analysis. But this is not always the case with the camera available for just small businesses.


In this article, we will discuss the importance of having your business monitored with video surveillance cameras. Also, you’ll learn how to perform image authentication using the MC2 security cloud, a forensic image enhancement software.

5 benefits of monitoring your business

Safety in the workplace:

video surveillance system
video surveillance system

Video surveillance cameras help ensure workers comply with established health and safety policies. With its installation, employers can detect dangerous situations, prevent injuries and send help quickly. Should an accident occur, the video can be analyzed to identify risk factors and prevent future accidents.


With live video monitoring, employers can detect erratic behavior from their employees and perhaps prevent a fatal accident. Heavy machinery, high platforms, and very heavy material loads at work is the last place we want our employees to be injured.

Risk and responsibility:

A video surveillance system deters potential thieves and intruders. Since a large percentage of thefts are committed by employees, continuous monitoring using video analytics software is an important risk management tool. DVRs can also prevent false liability claims. Many businesses, from retailers to health clubs to job sites, are dealing with personal injury claims, and video footage eliminates scams.

Insurance Costs:

Because security systems reduce risk and liability, insurance companies often offer discounts from 5% to 20% if one is installed. Generally, a system that monitors 24 hours a day qualifies for a higher discount.


Monitoring allows you to monitor a business from anywhere with an Internet connection. You can watch employees, production processes, and work progress in real-time. It is a very useful tool as a management tool, so you can see what has really happened beyond the oral and written reports.


While a video surveillance system secures your property and prevents theft, it is also an important management tool that improves efficiency and generates savings in many other areas.

How to effectively use the video surveillance camera

CCTV video enhancer
CCTV video enhancer

It is no news that live video recording quality depends on the quality of the camera. Yet, regardless of how good the camera quality is, getting a clear image without image authentication is mostly not possible. Also, when you want to use data obtained from a live cam for forensic theft analysis, you need an image with clear and high quality.


This is why enhancing images captured with a live cam is vital. A CCTV video enhancer will do justice and give you a clear picture of any blurred image in a scene. Suppose you need CCTV footage enhancement software online to help you improve scenes taken from a live cam. In that case, Cognitech video investigator is the best CCTV video enhancement software you can bank on for the job.

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