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Everything You Need To Know About LED Neon Signs

Today, when it comes to using fabricate custom signs, one great option worth considering is LED neon signs. At Call Saul, our neon signs are available with unique designs, which are tailored specifically to meet your taste.

Before going ahead to work with us to get the best custom LED neon signs, you certainly need to understand all the available customization options. This is exactly what this neon sign-related post is designed to help you with. As you continue reading it, you’ll learn:

What exactly are custom LED neon signs & how do they work?

Traditionally, neon signs are designed with the help of different physical processes; heating, bending, and twisting (by hand), cooling, and fusing. After these processes, they are further filled with different gasses to achieve varying colors. After filling them with the necessary gasses, electrodes (which feature a glass jacket) are attached to both ends of the tube via a welding process. Lastly, high-voltage cables are used to wire the glass tubes to the transformer before they are finally mounted to a backing panel.

This aforementioned process only works for traditional neon signs (glass tubing). As for custom LED neon signs, the process is entirely different. In this case, LEDs (from acrylic neon tubing) are used instead of glass. This material is known to be a lot more robust than glass.

That said, LED neon signs are neon signs that are created with LEDs. The types of LEDs used during this process are very important, as they eventually help to determine the overall brightness of your neon signs. Here’s a brief description of how the manufacturing process works:LED neon signs

backing is the very first step for creating custom LED neon signs. This process is often followed by painting or applying vinyl to the signs.

Custom neon signs vs LED neon signs: how do they compare?

Custom neon signs vs LED neon signs: which of the two options should you consider? We receive this neon sign-related question almost every time from our clients.

To answer this question, we’ll say that both custom neon signs and LED neon signs have their strengths and weaknesses. All you need is to weigh their strengths and weaknesses when picking the better option:

Now that you know the strengths and weaknesses of both options, here’s a quick question; what exactly is the purpose of your sign?

Regardless of the option you’re finally going for, Call Saul is one reliable company you can rely on for high-quality and top-notch services. You can visit our official website today to learn more about our different services, including how our custom LED neon signs work.

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